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This group of volunteers, armed with sizes and shopping lists, shopped for 28 children with the support of JC Penney and the proceeds from the Kiwanis Dog Show! Thank you to all our volunteers!
Student of the Month for September, Atticus Bartlett.
The Kiwanis Club of North Shore annually participates with the InternationalOrganization Samaritan’s Purse for a project called Operation Christmas Child
Our Annual Brown Bag Meeting at Hempstead Harbour Club
Many thanks to Ali Baade for her presentation on American Sign Language and the teaching of the hearing impaired. Pictured here with President John Kle

Kiwanis Student of the Month Honorees Recognized

The Kiwanis Club of North Shore is pleased to recognize two outstanding seniors from North Shore High School, Lauren Hagen for November and Sophie Blumenthal for December. Both young ladies were chosen on their outstanding contributions to their school and community. Pictured: Top Row Principal EricContreras, 2nd row President of the Kiwanis Club John Kle & Past Distinguished President Roger Hill, 3rd row the honorees Sophie Blumenthal & Lauren Hagen.

Kiwanis Club of North Shore, along with our Key Club, was proud to partner up with North Shore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and The Gold Coast Business Association for a food drive that fed over 200 families. Many thanks to the donors and volunteers for their support. In spite of a drenching day it was a great success!!

An amazing show of generosity by the community and our Kiwanis North Shore Volunteers, including the Key Club and Young Professionals. $850 raised in cash donations plus two SUV’s and an oversized van full of groceries. The NOSH group, distributing the groceries, estimates enough to feed 200 families. A wonderful event in difficult times!

Sea Cliff residents. Rich’s father and brother (Brian) are Kiwanians, Rich, a former member. Son Alex, at 4 years old, was diagnosed with autism. LI programs didn’t meet his needs, nor did other state programs.
They lobbied for NY State intervention to establish group homes and program without walls (for all day activities in general community). Genesis School and Eden II are open residential 24 hour 1 on 1 centers and help 45 adults and 30 children.
Schools identify kids who need help but at age 21 they “age out” of many state programs. Genesis is there to offer assistance. Years ago 1 in 2500 kids were diagnosed with autism. Now one in 59 ! Pictured Lt. Gov Roger Hill w/Rich and Marion Boehm.

Congratulations to our Students of the Month for September and October shown here with Pres. John Kle and Lt. Gov. Roger Hill!

Gianna Albanese

Isabelle Butt

Welcome to New Members! L to R – Isabel Eisen, Beb Dresdale, Ever Padilla and Connie Pinilla!!!



Students of the month September and October 2019!

Proud to say that Kiwanis North Shore is helping to feed members of the community. We recently gave donations of $500 each to Nosh, Mutual Concerns, St. Mary’s Human Concerns and Salvation Army. Please remember to support charities like these as food pantries and other support groups may be closed due to the quarantine.

Graduating Senior From North Shore High School and Kiwanis Student of The Month
The Kiwanis Club of North Shore is proud to announce the Kiwanis Student of
the Month “Kristin Roth.” On behalf of the Kiwanis Club of North Shore, we wish Kristen luck and success with all her future endeavors. Pictured L to R: Parents Kevin & Laura Roth, Honoree Kristen Roth & Kiwanis President Roger Hill
The Kiwanis Club of North Shore Welcomes Executive Director Spiro Tsirkas
From The Glen Cove Youth Board To The Dais
The Kiwanis Club of North Shore was honored to invite Mr Spiro Tsirkas to join
us on March 5th Their mission statement is to provide a
safe and welcoming environment so that youth, all families, and the entire
community can achieve their full potential. The Center(The Carol A. Sucharski
Youth Center) is located on Glen Street and hosts numerous programs for
elementary , middle school and high school age children. There are after school
and recreational programs at no cost and a summer camp in July-August with a
minimal cost to the camper. In addition during July & August for middle school &
high school students, there are on and off site programs available at no cost.
The goal is to strengthen the academic social and emotional foundation of
children in the elementary and middle schools of Glen Cove. Pictured is the
Kiwanis President Roger Hill presenting a check for $1000.00 and thanking Mr
Tsirks for the excellent work the Glen Cove Youth Board is doing for the young
people in the community.
Black and White Ball 2019
Student of the Month, Senior from North Shore High School, Michael Russo with the Russo family!
Amazing presentation by Madeline Rubenstein of the North Shore Soup Kitchen – pictured Kiwanis Past President and Soup Kitchen Volunteer, Olga Schleppi, Acting President Leslie Kle and Madeline Rubenstein
Our donation to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Organization! Special to our heart as alumni of the NS Key Club, Jesse Giordano, is a childhood survivor of Hodgkin
The Kiwanis Club of North Shore annually collects toys for Cohen Children’s Medical Center. The toys will be transported by North Shore High School students to Cohen on December 20 th . This event is spearheaded by the key club and is an annual event by the club. Pictured are some of the Kiwanis members who participated in this wonderful event. L to R: John Kle, Olga Scileppi, Jeanne Canning, Julia Salat, Linda Balance, Doug Barnaby, Roger Hill, Delia Verna.
The North Shore Kiwanis Club recognizes seniors at the North Shore High School for their outstanding service to our community. Each month seniors are selected for this recognition. Pictured is Claudia Scala Student of the Month for November & her family. L to R: Kiwanis President Roger Hill, the Scala Family, Keith Scala, honoree Claudia and proud parents MaryEllen & Peter Scala.
We are proud to make a donation to Kamp Kiwanis! The camp provides a camping experience for youth, adults and individuals with many forms of disabilities and health impairments. Pictured: President Roger Hill and Kamp Kiwanis DPP Leslie McCarthy

The North Shore key Club for the 2019-2020 year of service has chosen a very important topic in the interest of our students world-wide. We currently have a widespread Juuling epidemic that has impacted our fellow peers.  The key club hopes to spread the message that …..”Juuling Isn’t Cool” and has created a video that will be widely shared through social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 
The Kiwanis and Key Clubs annually joins hands with The Salvation Army for the holiday Kettle Drive. Join us at Holiday Farms in Glen Head and Stop & Shot in Glen Cove!
Our amazing 50th Anniversary Mini-Mart!!! Shout out to Lisa and Roger Hill and the rest of the Kiwanis Volunteers that make this happen! For more photos go to https://www.facebook.com/seacliffminimart/
Sea Cliff Veterans Parade

Klothes for Kids – AKA Personal Shopper

Over 25 years ago, North Shore Kiwanis initiated an event called Klothes for Kids. Through the local schools, we get a list of 20-25 children whose families are in need of some financial help when it comes to shopping for back-to-school clothes for their children. After we are given the names, children from ages 6 through 12, a committee makes contact with the parents and the project is off to a start.

On a Saturday in August, we enlist “personal shoppers” from the Club to accompany each child. We all meet at NS High School where our bus waits to take the children, with chaperones, to JC Penney in Roosevelt Field. Penney provides us with amazing service. Upon our arrival at 8:30 AM, they have a breakfast for all of us before we begin our day. Last year, each child was also given a backpack to start the new school year. Once fortified with a full stomach, the shopping begins. Each adult shopper is provided with $200 to spend on his/her child. The parents provide a list of sizes and prioritize the items most needed. This is a very exciting 2 hours. Most children have very definite ideas about what they like AND being “cool” when returning to school is of the utmost importance! You will certainly bond during this experience. You are rewarded by the sheer joy of the children as they leave with bags of great new things.
Our dollars go so far because A) we are a tax-exempt organization, B) JC Penney has great sales at this time of year and C) Penney gives Kiwanis a special discount when we get to the registers that are opened especially for us.
After a fun, but exhausting morning, it’s time for pizza and ice cream at Amalfi Restaurant in Glen Cove. What could be better than new outfits topped off by a delicious lunch! And after all this, the children are back to the high school by 1:00 PM to be picked up by waiting parents.
Many of our members say that this is their favorite Kiwanis event. Often, they bring friends who return on a yearly basis. The Kiwanis mission statement is Children – Priority One. North Shore Kiwanis, a community service organization, takes its mission very seriously. The bulk of the funds spent at our Klothes for Kids day are raised by our annual Pancake Breakfast. Meet new people, help the community, experience personal growth – join North Shore Kiwanis!