K Clubs

“The North Shore Water Brigade”
Lead by key clubber Russ Kornfeld with other club members joining forces . This includes the
Middle school builders club.
The donations were delivered to the VA Medical Center in The Bronx
North Shore K family Joins hands for Community Heroes!
The North Shore key Club Brings Home The Gold In 2020
The North Shore key Club was recognize by New York State for numerous awards for their community service programs. The North Shore Club is very proud of their accomplishments and  looks forward to another great year of service in 2021.  Pictured is the entire club with smiles galore holding their first place trophies  for their Major Emphasis Anti Drug, Vaping & Smoking Programs; Public Relations Programs and selected as a Distinguished Diamond level Club in New York State.
Letter to Operation Christmas Child Recipient
In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, the Connolly School K-Kids sold Lollipop
grams for $1 each. They were purchased by schoolmates and family to be given
to those “special” people. 400 were sold! WOW! The Club voted to donate the
funds to the Cove Animal Rescue. They will also be collecting used items such
as towels to give to the Shelter. Job well done, children.
Students of the Month – September and October

When the pandemic hit, the North Shore Schools closed its doors March 2019-20 However, the North Shore key Club kept their doors open, virtually of course, and continued assisting the community as best they could. Facing great
challenges, 13 Key Club Seniors were decided to move forward and add to their
legacy, by creating a video for the NS Middle School students called “Crossing
the Street.” The video turned an ordinary PowerPoint presentation into a live
discussion with” Kids Talking To Kids”. This video discussed how to say no to
Drugs/Alcohol/Vaping ,as they cross the street and enter the doors of the high
school. By creating this video, these dedicated seniors hope they will change
the lives of students and encourage them to make good decisions regarding
their lives. To view this amazing video, go to YouTube & search Crossing the
Street KC 21. A special thank you to community member Joanie Accolla for
taking her time and dedicated effort to direct the video and always supporting
our causes. Julia Salat, adviser quotes, “this is our last project we will do
together as a senior team and I am so proud of the entire group as they take the
final bow and end their key club career. Pictured is a collage of the 13 seniors in
action: Gianna Albanese, Frankie Corozzo, Jules Firoutale, Christina Forsander,
Isabell Fuentes, Michael Heffernan, Russ Kornfeld, Aiden LePorin, Jack Levin,
Emma Morley, Ray Paollilo, Carsen Paradis, Bela Perez.